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As temperatures drop and things start freezing, heaters roll out! We offer a variety of radiant and indirect mobile heaters. We’ll dive into the differences between these two heat approaches, and how professionals and residents use them every day!

Radiant Heat 

Also known as Infrared, operates on the concept of Heat Transfer as compared to Heat Exchange (blowing heaters). Veloci's Fire and Flame heaters are Radiant mobile units manufactured in Italy. These heaters have an internal burner that heats up an external face plate to 1400°F which transfers heat to any objects in front of it in a conical shape. Radiant units should technically not be used as space heaters since they do not heat air and, instead, heat objects. However, the Fire and Flame heaters have an air pocket that requires forced air. This unique technology yields a hybrid heater that effectively heats space and objects simultaneously. While the forced air output is only approximately 250 CFM, circulating air from heated objects, including the heater's face, is the most efficient practice when fast heat is needed.


blaze 300 200 100 heater indirect heat

Indirect Heat 

Indirect Heat is essentially a mobile furnace. Veloci's Blaze line is an Indirect Forced Air heater manufactured in Italy. These units have a separate internal chamber where combustion by-product is isolated and expelled through a chimney which means that the hot air forced from the outlet is 100% clean heated air. Veloci's Blaze heaters also have a patented 4-Chamber design that captures more heat for the forced air to exchange. This, in-turn, requires a larger fan which allows for an increased output of Cubic Feet of air per Minute (CFM). Compare the Blaze series CFM to any box store heater's CFM and you will see Blaze units move clean heat at an exponentially higher rate. There is no use in having a high BTU unit if you cannot effectively move the heat into the desired environment.

The most user-friendly and mobile heater on the market. Perfect for construction, landscaping, and restoration, our Blaze series comes in 3 options, 100, 200, and 300.

Blaze100 > 100,000 BTU outlet
Blaze200 > 200,000 BTU outlet
Blaze300 > 300,000 BTU outlet

New Look and Inclusions – We offer a variety of direct and indirect mobile heaters. This year our heaters got a fresh new matte look and an update to our heat packages.

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How Radiant and Indirect Heaters are used

heater indirect heat

Commercial and agricultural use 

Professionals and business owners use radiant and indirect heat in their work.  Radiant heat is used in industries like construction sites to prevent objects from freezing, deeming them unworkable. Indirect heat is used by shop owners and landscapers to keep workspaces warm in extreme cold weather conditions. This type of heat, our Blaze series specifically is used to bed bug eradication.

heaters bed bug heater eradication


flame 115 fire 155 radiante heat

Home Use

Residential use of indirect heat is often like commercial use, keeping spaces warm with completely clean air. Radiant heat used residentially is used to dry up damp places. For example, walls that produce moisture can be dried with radiant heat, without overheating an entire house. Radiant heat is important for preventing the dreaded homeowners curse of mold!

Disaster Relief

Disasters are inevitable, whether a flood, hurricane, or flash freeze; mobile heaters can be the difference between total loss and salvageable damage. Radiant heat can be used to dry up water damage from floods caused by weather or burst pipes. Our Blaze series can warm places with no power, providing life saving warmth.


Free Maintenance and Support

When working with large equipment, maintenance is important to the life and performance of your heater. We support our customers and distributors with a series of heater maintenance and troubleshooting videos for our heaters - available for free on our YouTube Channel.


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