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In 2020 trade shows changed, drastically. For industries that have relied on trade shows for the majority of their new business every year, it has been sink or swim. Sales went from person-to-person on the trade show floor to either nonexistent or…virtual! Many trade show organizations canceled their shows, while others tried the virtual route. We jumped in and created a virtual trade show booth that can be used anytime, anywhere, for any client, if they have internet access or mobile data. Let’s get into the What, Why, and How!

What is a virtual trade show booth?

A virtual booth can look like a few things, but a true virtual booth will give the user the feeling that they are standing inside of a trade show booth. Here is a great definition from

“Customizable trade show booths can allow vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors to display their brand within the confines of digital space. These booths not only include branding and messaging, but live text, video, and audio chat, product demos, and downloadable materials like product guides and specs.”

Why create one?

The importance of having a virtual trade show booth comes from the status of the world. With much of the Trade Show world on hold, organizations that are not willing to adapt will have a much higher likelihood of failure than an organization that does. Businesses that comply with online sales formats and lead generation will stay up to date and VISIBLE to the audience.

How did you do it?

Many well-known and reliable companies perform the service to allow one to ‘go virtual”. We went with a wonderful company local to us called Midwest Virtual Tour. They often work with Google to update Google Maps and 360 tours. You can see their work and find more information here.

We suggest doing extensive research before booking a company or trying to create your booth on your own. This process needs to be done by professionals for the absolute best result.

Let’s see it!

I’m sure by now, you’d like to “step into” our booth! Follow this link and take a walk through our booth…

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