Fire 155 Radiant Portable Heater 155,000 BTUs

MTM Heat

  • $3,200.00

The Fire 155 is our most powerful and efficient radiant heater. 

This CSA Certified heater is jobsite safe and delivers several hundred degrees of heat up to 6 feet in front of the unit and spanning out 6 feet on both sides (left and right) and approximately 75° up to 9 ft. away.   

The heat shield below the face plate will protect surface(s) below the unit and help direct heat. Thus you will not melt your truck bed or finished flooring beneath the unit. 

For added protection each unit come equipped with a metal (blue) cage surrounding the unit and fuel tank. This helps protect your unit from the elements and any potential hazards. 

Our heaters are not affected by wind as forced air heaters that suffer from heat loss in the ambient air. Unlike hot air, it is unaffected by wind or cold ambient air. Since infrared heat can penetrate the object, the targeted surface and object are warmed and/dried in a uniquely different way from any conventional heater which utilizes heated air. Our heaters generate infrared heat directly to the object without any air movement creating a dust-free comfortable environment.

Clean, complete combustion system produces no odor or smoke while it is running. Approved for diesel, kerosene, or jet fuel. And the State of the art combustion chamber enables virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion thus making it the most efficient form of heating per BTU energy burned. 

Ideal applications:

  • Airplane Hangars
  • Curing Concrete
  • Drying Paint
  • Drying Out Wet Areas
  • Drying Out Crops
  • Outdoor Heating Stations
  • Ship & Container Yards
  • Warming Cool Spaces

Safety features include: thermal over limit sensors and photo eye sensors.

Watch the short video below to learn more.  



FIRE 155





Air Cooling System



Manufactured in



Power Supply

120 V


Fan Motor Power

1/4 (3,300)


Current Rating



Consumption Rate (gal/hr)



CSA Certified



Standard Floor Shield



Adjustable Tilt



Tank Size



Run Time on high (hrs)



Weight (lbs)




41L x 28" x 43"



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