Blaze 200,000 BTU Complete Package
Blaze 200,000 BTU Complete Package
Blaze 200,000 BTU Complete Package
Blaze 200,000 BTU Complete Package
Blaze 200,000 BTU Complete Package

MTM Heat

Blaze 200,000 BTU Complete Package

SKU# 48.7055

SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON - Available August 2020

Items included in the Blaze200 Complete Heater Kit:

  • Heater
  • Thermostat
  • Fuel gauge
  • 2 sections of duct
  • One duct adapter
  • One set of lifting brackets (4 pieces)
  • Front support and lifting handle
  • Complete Maintenance kit with instructions
    • Includes Replacement Nozzle, filter, O-rings, & Instructions w/ images
    • Sets customer up to perform light maintenance to prevent unit failing on the job.
  • Preheated Filter

Notable Features of the Blaze 200 Include:

  • 200,000 BTU Output
  • 1.48 gallons per hour fuel consumption rate
  • Pre heated Fuel Filter installed
  • 14 hour run time
  • 136°F Thermal Rise
  • 1,530 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)
  • Ductable One-Way up to 60 feet
  • Ductable Two-Way up to 20 feet each direction
  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
  • 17.2 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 207 lbs Dry Weight
  • 10" Pneumatic Tires
  • CSA Approved
  • 88% Combustion Efficiency (12% loss to stack)
  • Zero PPM CO Emissions in Heated Environment
  • 7.65 Amp Draw

Approved Fuels by Ambient Temperature:

  • Kerosene or Jet Fuel at -4° F or below
  • Diesel Winter Blend between 32°F to -4°F
  • Diesel #2 or Off-Road Diesel for 32°F or above

*No Bio-Diesel**

Veloci Heaters must be connected to a Generator if run remotely. Inverters cannot withstand the initial Amp draw required to start the machine.

Blaze Indirect Heater Packages:

This All-in-One Heater package supplies your team with each of the necessary components to quickly set up your heater, safely transport it, and perform general maintenance to ensure reliable performance. Our Blaze heaters offers contractors and restoration franchisees the advantage of Big Heat on wheels with this Premium Indirect Fired Heater. The innovation of the Italian Blaze series Forced Air Heaters lies in the four pass chamber heating design to capture as much heat as possible and exchanging it with the blown air to heat the environment. This Indirect heater will supply your team with ducted, clean, heated air to dry paint, cure concrete, or restore entire homes from water damage. Blaze heaters are heavily used in larger construction projects and water damage restoration because of its intense Thermal Rise and powerful Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) fan output.

Blaze heaters can be found on commercial construction sites, residential construction sites, garages, aviation hangars, bridge deck construction, pest remediation, temporary space heating, curing concrete, agriculture, water restoration, drying drywall / paint, tent rentals, train derailments, and many, many others. Our heaters have proven themselves in a multitude of industries across four continents where it is present in construction, public events, and agriculture to ensure that work never stops. The value of working through inclement conditions in comfort far out-ways the cost of these units as they last for many years with their Italian patented design.

Why Indirect Fired Heating?

Great question! There are three major forms of heating to consider when purchasing a Mobile Heater:

Forced Air Indirect-Fired Heating is essentially a mobile furnace. Veloci's Blaze line is an Indirect Forced Air heater manufactured in Italy. These units have a separate internal chamber where combustion by-product is isolated and expelled through a chimney which means that the hot air forced from the outlet is 100% clean heated air. Blaze heaters have a patented four chamber design that captures more heat for the forced air to exchange. This, inturn, requires a larger fan which allows for an increased output of Cubic Feet of air per Minute (CFM). Compare the Blaze series CFM to any box store heater's CFM and you will see Blaze units move clean heat at an exponentially higher rate. There is no use in having a high BTU unit if you cannot effectively move the heat into the desired environment. When purchasing an Indirect Fired Heater, consider the space you are looking to heat in cubic feet by measuring the length, width, and ceiling height of the space to be heated. Note, the Thermal Rise listed for Blaze Indirect-Fired heaters is meant to be added to the ambient temperature. Example: A 126°F thermal rise on the Blaze 300 should be added to the ambient (intake) temperature. This means that if the outside temperature is 50°F, the output temperature, once the air is heated and exits the heater would 176°F.

Radiant Heating, also known as Infrared, operates on the concept of Heat Transfer as compared to Heat Exchange (blowing heaters). Our Fire 155 and Flame 115 heaters are Radiant mobile units manufactured in Italy. These heaters have an internal burner that heats up an external face plate to 1400°F which transfers heat to any objects in front of it in a conical shape. Radiant units should, technically, not be used as space heaters since they do not heat air and, instead, heat objects. However, the Fire and Flame heaters have an air pocket that requires forced air. This unique technology yields a hybrid heater that effectively heats space and objects simultaneously. While the forced air output is only approximately 250 CFM, circulating air from heated objects, including the heater's face, is the most efficient practice when fast heat is needed.

Forced Air Direct-Fired Heating has 100% efficiency but typically emits 30-40 PPM of Carbon Monoxide into the environment being heated. Direct-Fired heaters are the cheap ones typically found at hardware and big box stores. They quickly cause  scratchy eyes, headaches and fatigue as the occupants of the environment are inhaling exhaust fumes. Furthermore, these units can leave an exhaust smell and purple haze when in a closed environment such as completing drywall or paint projects. Direct-Fired heaters should never be used in a closed environment or for livestock since the repercussions can be catastrophic. This is true for any Direct-Fired heater whether its fuel source is Diesel or N/LP.