CLOSEOUT Glass Cleaner

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CLOSEOUT Glass Cleaner

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Our Hi-Def glass cleaner is designed to eliminate streaking and spotting on exterior and interior glass. It also works well on other nonporous surfaces such as most countertops, mirrors, tubs and tile.

How To
  • Contains Ammonia - **DO NOT USE ON TINTED WINDOWS**
  • Apply solution to cool dry surface.
  • Wipe immediately with our exclusive HD glass towel or clean microfiber towel in a circular motion while the solution is still wet. DO NOT allow the product to dry on the surface of the window.
  • Note: Test small area to ensure desired results.

 Related image WARNING

This product can expose you to chemicals, including Ethylene Glycol which is known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm, go to for more information.

The products we sell are not intended for use in potable water systems and are only for industrial non-drinking water applications.

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