MTM Hydro Stainless Steel Molded Grip Extension Lance

MTM Hydro Parts

Using an MTM Hydro extension lance not only increases the area you can clean, it also keeps you a safe distance from the high pressure stream coming out of the nozzle. All lances are 1/4" male pipe thread on both ends and may require female pipe thread fittings to install onto your pressure washer setup. See part number 24.0061 (1/4" Female NPT coupler) as an example.

Lances do not come with fittings or teflon tape installed, be sure to order those items separately to complete your system.

These Lances are rated up to 4,100 PSI, 10.5 GPM, and 300° F. Compete your Stainless set up with the SG28 Spray Gun and Stainless Steel Coupler 24.0061-FPT & 24.0079-MPT. 

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