MTM Hydro Zinc Plated Plugs

MTM Hydro Parts

MTM Hydro Zinc Plated Steel Plugs are an economical solution for QC conversion. When selecting a size, be sure to match with a coupler of the same size. i.e. 1/4" Plugs can only be received by 1/4" couplers.
To upgrade, see the selection of MTM Hydro Stainless Steel plugs and couplers which will resist corrosion and rust.
Zinc Plated Plugs:
  • 1/4" Max PSI 5,000
    • 24.0073 FPT
    • 24.0074 MPT
  • 3/8" Max PSI 4,200
    • 24.0075 FPT
    • 24.0076 MPT
  •  1/2" Max PSI 3,600
    • 24.0077 FPT
    • 24.0078MPT


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