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2-Stage Wash System

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The 2-Stage Wash System – AKA the Mezzo Toro Valve

The Mezzo Toro is a revolutionary invention that has changed the game when it comes to foaming! And the PERFECT compliment to the Mezzo Wash System is the famous Start & Stripes touchless wash concentrates from Chem-x. These two chemicals work together to provide the fastest, and most efficient touchless wash ever made. 

Simply fill each Foam Cannon with one of the solutions, spray Stars first, switch your valve by pressing the corresponding button, and then spray Strips right over top. Your wash is complete with a thorough rinse. 

Stars – the presoak

Stripes – neutralizer

We highly recommend ordering Stars & Stripes with your Mezzo Toro 2-Stage Wash System. Check out some of the resources below to learn more!


Visit the Chem-X website for instructions 



Learn more about the Mezzo Toro 2-Stage Wash System through our Educational YouTube Page 

 Do MORE with you Mezzo Wash System

The Benefits of Two-Step Washing


Order Your Mezzo Toro here

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Order Your Stars & Stripes here


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