Have questions? We've got answers. 


1. Foam cannon Orifice basics: What size to use and how to change it.

2. Clogged Foam Cannon: How to unclog your foam cannon.

3. Pressure Cleaning 101 Part 1: Quick Connects plugs and couplers and male vs. female. 

4. Pressure Cleaning 101 Part 2: Spray tips and degrees of spray patterns. 

5. Pressure Cleaning 101 Part 3: Swivels, guns and more couplers.

6. Intro to the SGS28 Stainless Steel Spray Gun with a builtin stainless swivel.

7. Watch The Original Foam Cannon in action!

8. Field Test: Sun Joe pressure washer with a Featherweight foam cannon  


1. In this video we cover orifices. Everything you need to know from right sizing to swapping out. 


 2. In this video we cover how to unclog your foamer's hose barb and orifice. 


3. In this video we cover plugs and couplers, quick disconnects and male vs. female threading. 



 4. In this video we cover spray tips and degrees of spray patterns. 


5. In this video we cover stainless steel swivels, couplers and guns.

Note: this was shot prior to taking delivery of the Brand New SGS-28.


6. Here is a sneak peak at the SGS28 stainless steel spray gun with a builtin stainless swivel. 


7.Check out the Original MTM Hydro foam cannon #14.0263!


8. Below we field tested the new Featherweight foam cannon along with a Sun Joe pressure washer. 



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