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Adapting Consumer Electric pressure washers

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Consumer Electric Pressure Washers have opened the pressure washing world up to all! Consumers and enthusiasts now can perform jobs that were once only done by professionals. Designed to run on a standard electrical outlet, these machines can run various levels of PSI and GPM. This evolution has moved the industry forward! Unfortunately, many users struggle to adapt high-end pressure washing accessories to their consumer electric pressure washers.


In this blog, we'll take you through the most popular consumer electric pressure washers, and the adaptor kits we have developed with these machines in mind.


Karcher K5

This Karcher K5 unit has a fixed connection between the pressure washer and hose, and a proprietary connection between the hose and the spray gun. Due to these connections, we can’t adapt the K5 to our aftermarket hose and spray guns. Obviously for this reason we can’t recommend this pressure washer.

Karcher 3
Karcher 2

Portland 1750

The Portland 1750 has a proprietary connection between the hose and the gun, but an M22 connection between the hose and the pressure washer. So if we were to upgrade the hose on this unit with one of our Kobrajet hoses you would need to upgrade the spray gun as well because the stock spray gun will not be compatible.

Portland connection 3

Portland connection 2

Portland connection

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