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How to clean a Composite Deck with a Turbo Nozzle

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Remove any furniture or debris prior to pressure washing. Apply a degreaser or an all-purpose cleaner on any stains or grease spots and let sit for 10 minutes.

grease stained composite deck

Pressure Washing

Begin in one corner of the deck, and work in medium sections horizontally with the panels. Composite decking has deeper pores than wood decking and will soak grease and dirt much deeper into its texture. This makes it important to go very slowly over each panel.

proper pressure washing grip

Hold the nozzle tip 12 inches from the surface and engage your trigger. Make sure to keep your lance and turbo nozzle straight up and down to avoid uneven pressure. To ensure the correct posture put your hose over your shoulder and hold the spray gun upright, pulling the trigger with your thumb. Rock back and forth on the balls of your feet to control your speed and angle. You’ll know you are going too quickly or unevenly if you see lines or streaks.


Cleaning composite decking can be done as maintenance once a year, every other year, or even seasonally depending on the climate and the amount of traffic the area gets.

pressure washed composite deck

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