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Power Up Your Pressure Washer

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If you’re searching for a way to save time while improving your basic pressure washer setup, you’ve come to the right place. Our power washer Quick Connects allow users to simplify the process of swapping out accessories, making the job easier, providing more versatility, and saving valuable time and energy.

 Be ready for any power washing job with just a few clicks! Keep reading to learn how to use our pressure washing accessories to Power Up any pressure washing system!


Setting up a two-step washing system

Beginning with a residential pressure washer, use the Veloci adapter kit to attach the hose reel to the non-marking gray hose. Easily turn this into a complete car wash and detailing pressure washer set-up by adding the Kit 16 ( the SGS28 spray gun with live swivel, 36-inch molded lance) and a nozzle tip. The Stainless Steel Quick Connects are the key to adding this kit so quickly and easily. 

 From here, transform this standard setup into a complete, two-step wash system with just a few easy clicks! Start by disconnecting the lance, and replace with the Mezzo Toro. Finish this set-up off with double PF22 foam cannons.  

 This two-step wash system is completely touchless, using pH shock to break the static bond of dirt and grime, allowing for a super easy high-pressure rinse to get your surface 95% clean, without having to use a mitt or brush.


Setting up for stripping paint or Hydro excavation

Let’s turn this two-stage wash system into a paint stripping set-up. Start by disconnecting the Mezzo Toro then add a ball valve between the hose and the spray gun. Finally add a standard lance and turbo nozzle. This turbo nozzle has a zero-degree rotating nozzle capable of stripping paint off concrete, asphalt, and brick surfaces. Used in the construction industry for Hydro excavation and accessing areas with underground electrical wires. The high-pressure water that a turbo nozzle produces easily cuts through the soil without cutting through wires.


So why is a ball valve necessary between the Hose outlet and the Spray Gun Inlet?

Placing the ball valve anywhere between pressure washer and the spray gun helps the user easily and quickly switch between spray gun setups, and even hose set ups! With a simple twist, you can stop the water supply, changing configurations quickly.

 For example, swap rapidly between the two-stage wash system a fully assembled acid gun setup, consisting of the M407 acid gun, a 36-inch lance, and turbo nozzle without having to shut off water supply.  


Setting up for restaurant or medical facility cleaning.

Swap from paint stripping to a cleaning setup proper for restaurant of medical facility sanitization by disconnecting the Quick Connects at the ball valve outlet and the Spray Gun inlet. Replace with the SGS35 Acqualine spray gun and Acqualine lance. These Acqualine accessories are preassembled, making them a great example of how straightforward they are to set up. This combination is perfect for industrial cleaning at restaurants or medical facilities, as it is 316 stainless steel and is BPA-free.


The Quick Connects make all of this incredibly easy!

Just compress the collar of the coupler to release and click in the QC plug of next setup. It’s that simple!

 QCs, or Quick Connects, are the key to the versatility that Veloci pressure washing accessories offer. QCs can be added to each inlet and outlet, allowing  the user to connect and disconnect pressure washing accessories effortlessly. Powering Up any pressure washer has never been easier!

 Order your Quick Connects at any of our certified dealers, or the link below!


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