Veloci Replacement Pump Kit for GP Kit 2

MTM Hydro Parts

  • $11.00

Veloci #49.6002 - Mfg #ZX.0110

Piston Oil Seal Ø22X32X5,5

Compatible with GP Models:

CW2004 T1621 T9211 TS1511 TS2221SS
CW2040 T1631 T9281 TS1521 TS821
CW24 T2011 T9321 TS1621 TS921
CW3040 T5050 TS1011 TS1711 TSF2021
T1011 T9121 TS1021 TS2011 TSF2221
T1311 T9131 TS1311 TS2012SS TSF2421
T1321 T9161 TS1321 TS2016SS
T1511 T921 TS1331 TS2021


Compatible with Interpump Models:

W101 W203 WS101 WS151 WS82
W131 W912 WS102 WS152 WS92
W132 W913 WS131 WS162
W151 W916 WS132 WS171
W162 W92 WS133 WS201
W201 W921 WS135 WS202

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