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KobraJet 5' 4,000 PSI Smooth Blue Whip Line

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KobraJet 5' 4,000 PSI Smooth Blue Whip Line

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KobraJet Smooth Blue Whip Lines are available in various lengths to accommodate all cleaning scenarios. Kobrajet Whip Lines are manufactured out of high quality components and assembled in the U.S using 'Bite the Wire' technology when installing the 3/8" rigid and swivel fittings. This technique guarantees that your hose ends will stay in place and will not rupture or blow off during pressure spikes.

Whip Lines are used in many areas but are primarily found as a Jumper line between the pump and the unloader when the unloader is mounted to the pressure washer's frame.

A secondary location is when contract cleaning companies use long lengths of hose (100'-200') they will attach a whip line to the outlet where the gun is attached. The last section of hose is the most susceptible to stress and bursting, regardless of the quality so with a small section at the end, if something does happen, only a whip line needs to be replaced instead of an expensive 150' hose.

Kobrajet hose can handle temp spikes up to 310F but constant run temperatures should not exceed 275º F.


  • 4,000 PSI
  • 310º F Max Temperature
  • 3/8" Male NPT rigid end
  • 3/8" Male NPT swivel end.
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