MTM Hydro Magnum 28 Foam Kit w/ Extra Orifice & Filters #14.5010

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  • $180.01


This MTM Hydro Magnum 28 Foam Kit, which includes filters and extra nozzle, is exclusive to

The Magnum 28 Foam Kit will now include a 1.1mm/3.0 orifice, along with the pre-installed 1.25mm/3.5 orifice. By switching out the pre-installed orifice (1.25mm/3.5 orifice) with the included orifice (1.1mm/3.0 orifice), it allows you to convert your kit into a low pressure/volume device if needed. Click Here For Our Nozzle Size Calculator  to determine which orifice is needed.

Click here to watch a video on replacing your foam cannon orifice.

We have also included two replacement stainless steel filters. This allows you to keep your Foam Cannon in top notch condition.

Click here to watch a video on replacing your foam cannon filter.

If it drives, flies, or floats... Foam it! With the All New MTM Hydro Magnum 28 Gun & Foam Kit, getting dirty never looked this good! Eliminate the risk of swirl marks when you apply thick foam onto your vehicle, truck, boat, house, or restaurant grill & hood. 

Included with this kit is our new SGS28 spray gun. With its built in stainless steel swivel, you can maneuver much easier, eliminate the hassle of tangled hose, and keep your hose from flopping around and slamming against your vehicle.

Also included is our newly designed PF22. Both its adjustable nozzle and intake knob have been engineered with oversized beveling for an easier grip. In addition, the adjustable spray nozzle can now be rotated to spray either horizontally or vertically (an industry 1st), allowing you to spray down your vehicle from all angles. 

To install on certain models of pressure washer such as Greenworks, AR, Ryobi, or Sunjoe, two other fittings are required. See 24.0481 and 24.0448 to adapt to these machines.

Related image WARNING

This product can expose you to chemicals, including DINP and/or DEHP which is know to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm, go to for more information.

The products we sell are not intended for use in potable water systems and are only for industrial non-drinking water applications.

  • SGS28 spray gun with a builtin stainless steel swivel
  • PF22 Foam Cannon with 1/4" plug, tube, bottle, and 1.25mm/3.5 orifice installed
  • Stainless steel quick connect fittings, plus a brass M22 adapater 1.1mm/3.0 orifice Now Included
  • Two stainless steel replacement filters Now Included
  • Roll of teflon tape
  • Min. 1,100 psi - Max. 4,000 psi 
  • Min. 1.8 gpm - Max. 5.3 gpm 
  • Max. 140°F

Click here to view the user's manual

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