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Water Brooms bring sweeping to a whole new level. Water Brooms are an excellent way to push unwanted sand, dirt, and gravel out of the way to offer a more thorough cleaning experience. Choose from a variety of options from the number of nozzles to inlet fittings for an upgraded cleaning package. These light-weight Alumimum Brooms offer dustless sweeping and single pass cleaning with 16" or 20" spray paths (with 4.0 nozzles installed).

This 16" x 4 port broom is a la cart and does not have nozzles or inlet fittings installed

When using a Water Broom, keep in mind that with added nozzles, comes added outlets so your pressure and PSI will be divided into 1/3's for the 12" x 3 nozzle broom and 1/4's for the 16" 4 nozzle broom. Example: if you choose a 16" broom with 4 nozzles and you have a 2 GPM machine with 4000 PSI, each nozzle will have 0.5 GPM and approximately 1000 PSI (depending upon orifice size).

Specs of this Broom: -16" Broom with two Ball bearing casters (24 - ball bearings) -Four 1/4" Female NPT outlets for nozzle install -1/4" Female NPT Inlet at the center of the opposing side

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