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Mezzo Tips!

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The Mezzo & Mezzo Toro Wash System. In the short time we have had this small family of products available to the public, it has sparked more interest than any other new product grouping we have released. These valves were engineered and designed to simplify the best practice foam & rinse wash system, along with the new and growing in popularity two-stage wash system.


Mezzo Wash System - Single Pipe Design

 mezzo valve

Before we go into maintenance let’s get a few things straight about these valves. The Mezzo valves do not spray foam and water at the same time. This is a common misconception. The single pipe Mezzo wash system allows the user to switch from water to foam, to water again with the click of a button (a ball valve located in the chamber of the product). The convenience of the Mezzo is in the button, in not needing to swap out your spray tip with a foam cannon back and forth.


 Mezzo "Toro" - Twin Pipe Design

mezzo toro valve

When it comes to the twin-pipe two-stage Mezzo wash system, the user can switch between 2 foaming products with a push of a button. It’s becoming more common for detailing professionals to use an alkaline and acid wash one after the other – neutralizing each other once combined. It's very important to spray the second detergent onto the first detergent immediately after application. The Mezzo Toro allows the user to have their second detergent locked and loaded rather than fumbling with it and risk leaving the first detergent on the surface of the vehicle for too long.


Store correctly!

Store your Mezzo Valve in a clean, dry place. Metals, even stainless steel, will react over time with water and may corrode. Where you store your Mezzo Valve will directly affect it's lifetime. 

Give it a quick rinse

Its important that after you’re done with your Mezzo, you remove the bottle from the nozzle and run clean water through the chamber for a few seconds before storing. Skipping this step could allow back flow of cleaning agent resulting in  residue collecting in your chamber and piping. This residue can build up and cause clogging. A quick rinse doesn’t take much time but could make all the difference!

Use DI or RO water

The quality of water you use can significantly affect your equipment and more. Hard water is harmful to pressure washers, hoses, spray guns, nozzles, and every quick connect along the way. Hard water buildup can clog, corrode, and permanently damage equipment over time. Use Deionized water or Reverse Osmosis water to eliminate the risks that hard water brings.


mezzo mezzo valve single pipe toro twin pipe two step wash system

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