Veloci Replacement Pump Kit for GP Kit 88

MTM Hydro Parts

  • $35.00

Veloci $49.6039 - Mfg #ZX.0155

Seal Packing Ø15

Compatible with GP Models:

EZ2545 EZ3030 EZ3040 TT1411 TT9351
EZ2556 EZ3035 EZ3045 TT1611 TT9441

Compatible with Interpump Models:

W130 W952 WW156 WW206 WW961
W150 W953 WW161 WW209 WW962
W170 WW116 WW176 WW935
W950 WW136 WW186 WW944
W951 WW141 WW189 WW960


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