Veloci Replacement Pump Kit for GP Kit 27

MTM Hydro Parts

  • $24.00

Veloci #49.6022 - Mfg #ZX.0140

Complete Seal Packing Ø20

Compatible with GP Models:

T521 T721 T9321 T981 T9971
T531 T731 T9711 T991 TS1371
T701 T9071 T9721 T9951 TS1491
T711 T911 T9791 T9961


Compatible with Interpump Models:

W201 W72 W979 W997 WS82
W52 W73 W98 WS101
W53 W91 W99 WS102
W70 W972 W995 WS137
W71 W973 W996 WS149


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