Pressure Points Rewards Program

Pressure Points Expire Soon

Important dates:
  • July 1, 2022 - Pressure Points will no longer accumulate in your account
  • Dec 31, 2022 - All Pressure Points expire

The Pressure Points program officially ends and unredeemed points expire Jan 1, 2023.


Redeem you points

Step 1: Sign in or sign up!

1. Use the blue bubble in the bottom right corner       


2. Sign into your existing account or sign up with your email and create a password

Step 2: Earn points quick!

1. Click on the “Ways to earn” tab     


  • 250 pts for signing up 
  • 250 pts for liking us on fb
  • 250 pts for following us on Instagram
  • 100 pts for sharing us on fb

Ways to earn pts

  • Refer a friend and both get a $10 coupon (use referral URL at the bottom of the bubble pop-up)

refer a friend

  • A pop-up will show on the MTM website home page when your friend uses the URL you sent them - once they sign up they will receive a discount code in the "Your rewards" tab
  • Your discount code will show in the “Your rewards” tab once your friend makes their first purchase with Pressure Points

Step 3: Keep earning with every order!

  1. Get 10 pts every $1 spent (make sure you're signed into your Pressure Points account before check out) 

Step 4: Redeem!

  1. Click on the Pressure Points bubble – sign in
  2. Your points will be displayed at the top (these expire after 1 year)

Your Points 

       3.Click the blue “Redeem” button


Step 5: Redeem your points for cash!

  1. Drag the blue circle to the right and redeem by $1 (100 pts)
  2. Hit “Redeem” when you have chosen the number of points you wish to turn into quick cash


     3. A code (ex. 5249hguje) will appear. Copy this into the “Promo code/ discount” box or click “Apply code” to apply the discount to the items in your cart.

promo code

    4. Unused codes will go into the "Your rewards" tab until you want to use them. Keep in mind, MTM does not allow stacking of discounts - you can only use 1 promo code per purchase. 

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