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Yum Wheels

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Yum Wheels was designed to offer you a very simple solution of cleaning every part of the wheel and all associated contaminants, using just one sophisticated formula. The 2 in 1 formula contains two highly active categories of cleaners which together, creates a blend that makes a total wheel cleaning package.

  • Non-acidic, pH neutral Wheel Cleaner with Iron Fallout Remover.
  • Provides slickness on the wheels, which reduces drag when cleaning highly abrasive brake dust.
  • Safe for use on paintwork, to degrease and remove Iron Fallout from the clear coat.

Modern vehicles have advanced so far with braking technology, and this advancement has caused high contaminant build up on wheel finishes. If left untreated, the contamination will start to discolor and corrode wheel finishes beyond repair.

Our non-acidic, pH neutral wheel cleaner and iron fallout remover is safe to use on most painted, polished, powder coated, clear coated and chrome rims and wheels. It can also be used on wheel nuts and even on the vehicle paint to dissolve and eliminate stubborn iron particles, break dust and tough road dirt and grime.

The advanced, thick gel like viscosity liquid clings to the wheels for excellent cleaning power and targets iron and metallic particles without running off. The color changing effects are rapid, and it takes less than 1 minute to see the reaction. There is no longer any need for a separate wheel cleaner and fallout remover!

We always advise to agitate the area with our ultra soft detailing brushes or Wheel Woolies for the more stubborn and contaminated areas for the perfect, scratch free combination.

For best results, rinse the wheels using a pressure washer before applying Yum Wheels, and always rinse after use.


Addition Safety Information


  • Do not allow to dry on any wheel finish.
  • Make sure the wheel finish is cool to the touch and never clean straight after driving as they will be hot.
  • Do not dilute, this product has been formulated to be used neat.
  • If using on paint, do not apply in direct sunlight.
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